Cash Out


Cash Out

Early-adopters, miners, and traders have all encountered the same issue when required to consolidate years worth of transactional history, often across countless exchanges, some no-longer in existence, kept on numerous wallets.

Altcoin successfully solves even the most complex cases for its’ clients.

You are looking to cash-out your crypto-wealth ?

  • You want to bring your digital assets to the bank without friction ?
  • Show your assets were legitly acquired and are untainted ?
  • You are trying to trace the origin of your funds on chain and on exchanges ?
  • You are seeking for help collecting evidence and structuring your case in compliance with international norms ?
  • You must execute a payment in fiat but your wealth is crypto-based ?
  • You want to trade substantial amounts and you are scared of the thin orderbook on exchange ?
  • You want the assurance that no additional KYC will be required post-trade ?