About Us

Together we analyze your current situation and your business needs, then finally the implementation of distributed ledger technology.



We are passionate to work for you, and we work hard to have clear understanding of a proper strategy to implement. Our team consist of the internal and external specialist, market experts as well and will guide you through the whole process. 

In every stage of the project you will have a precise, reliable communication and relation with public and private institutions that are relevante to your project, so all your transactions will be fully confidential and transparent.


Crypto liquidity provider

Provide our clients with institutional banking access to convert their cryptocurrencies into traditional currencies as Euro or Dollar. 

Investing in cryptocurrency

Advise our clients where to invest in the world of cryptocurrencies, work with market analysts to evaluate the potential  projects in the world of cryptocurrencies. 

Custody and Security

Offer custody during the cryptocurrency due diligence process, working on segregated and offline wallets, to avoid being exposed to the internet and thus guarantee the protection of our clients. This service can also be offered for medium and long-term custody of portfolios. 

Crypto token investment consulting

Using cryptocurrency to invest in investment projects like real estate, startups, market consolidate projects in Andorra and other countries.

Legal expertise services in cryptocurrencies

Work with public entities to offer cryptocurrency expertise services to track transactions and funds obtained by an investigated party or offender.