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Paymaster Agent?

Many digital asset investors are ideologically motivated and do not wish to interact with banks, while others are not yet wealthy enough to access some private banks. Many blockchain projects are also rejected by retail banks. All these clients have one thing in common: When the end of the month nears, their bills need to be paid, and generally in fiat.

After KYC is successfully passed, we help our clien ts convert part of their crypto holdings and execute payments on their behalf. Our money remittance service is unique in the industry as we are able to execute wire transfers for the beneficial owner of the funds in favor of a different receiving party. Once due diligence is completed in the context of the payment, on both payer and receiver, there is no limit on the nominal amount we can transfer.

Polkadot or Dot cryptocurrency standing on pile of gold crypto coins with copy space.

Distribuidor de criptomonedas

El comercio OTC está tradicionalmente reservado a las grandes instituciones, pero creemos que todos merecen acceso.
Cuando el comercio se ejecuta en un intercambio centralizado, pueden ocurrir algunos problemas:

  • El inversor solo puede acceder a la liquidez ofrecida (frente a los comerciantes que deseen tomar la dirección opuesta).
  • Cuando se trata de ejecutar órdenes grandes, la liquidez se agota rápidamente a menos que el comerciante decida literalmente borrar el libro de órdenes, exponiéndose a un deslizamiento considerable.
  • Altas tarifas de transacción, riesgo de visibilidad pública que puede conducir a la ejecución anticipada, con mayor aclaración KYC posterior a la transacción garantizada.
  • Los CEX son más complicados, costosos y ofrecen menos liquidez. El comercio en un intercambio descentralizado puede ser más simple, ya que no se requiere KYC, pero la liquidez es baja y el acceso a la moneda fiduciaria está restringido.


Clearing Agent

We have corporate accounts in each of its partner banks to ease the logistical burden of its digital activities. As a growing number of private clients engage in crypto transactions, specific challenges are constantly arising such as multiple transactions for potential buyers and sellers occurring throughout the day, involving several client accounts as well as various external counterparties.

As Clearer, Altcoin centralises the flow of funds, reconciles trading commitments and proceeds via daily settlements. A Clearer will limit the bank?s liability whilst respecting banking secrecy laws in compliance with all travel rule requirements. Transfers originating from clients? crypto transactions are handled by a single regulated entity, with full responsibility of AML monitoring